The Godzette
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Walk With the Lord

God walked in the garden in the cool of the day and called out to Adam for his whereabouts. Adam no longer walked in righteousness with the Lord because he had sinned and he was hiding. God knows every hair on our head and we cannot hide from him. When we sin we must confess it to the Father to walk once again with him.

Almost every man in the bible including some of the most Godly men fell from grace; Moses, David, Abraham, Noah, Solomon, right on down the list sinned in one way or another in their walk with the Lord. However, each one of them realized their wrong and asked God for his forgiveness and in doing so received it.

When we first decide to walk with the Lord

and we step out in faith and make a public profession of our acceptance of him into our heart, from that moment we are sealed with the Holy Ghost and our salvation is secure. If we backslide we must repent for the evil and ask for God’s forgiveness, and then purify our heart from the sin to walk the narrow path once again. Each time the process of maturing as a Christian strengthens our awareness and we become less apt to sin and walk closer with God.

Everywhere Jesus walked he asked many to follow him, not just tag along but purify themselves of sin and live the life that he was living. He taught in parables so that only the ones with God’s seal would understand.

When you walk with the Lord your life changes and the old you is cast aside along with the bad habits of sin. The new man in you is repulsed by the sinful past and can no longer tolerate its existence. He must remove the sin from his life and anyone else that is around him in order to walk with the Lord in truth and contentment. To honor the purity of your relationship with God eventually all sin will be disgusting to you and your heart will be purified in Christ to make yourself ready. If you talk the talk make sure you walk the walk to walk with the Lord.