The Godzette
Volume 11, Seventh Edition Pricele$$
Building the Temple

Just as King Solomon and King David were led by God to build a temple for His glory to reside in, God also instructs us in the way in which we are to use our body as a temple for the Holy Ghost to dwell in our hearts. For the building of the temple in Jerusalem God not only designed it down to the very fabric of the drapes, but he also chose the specific craftsmen and gifted them with the talent to perform their individual jobs. Every building material that was used was crafted off site and brought in to be erected without the blow of a mallet being heard and to fit with perfection. The same applies to the honing of our Christian character; God picks the building materials and applies them in silence and without appearance, so that our faith will be set upon the cornerstone of Christ on a foundation that

is solid and will support the finished product. If we start the building with rotten lumber and crumbling blocks the structure will be weak from the beginning and eventually fail.

God’s instructions are a blueprint for the fabric of our life. He advises us what will work for shaping our souls to be content and bring joy and happiness to our lives. The trouble is that we do not listen nor pay attention to his specific details insuring our success as believers. We are out of God’s will and into our own selfishness for everything we do, therefore failure is insured instead of being successful. Every person’s trial and tribulation in the bible is an example for us on what not to do, because their hardship will become our hardship and the results will be the same.

We must treat our temple with respect for God. When Jesus entered the temple he chased out the moneychangers and claimed for them not to make his Father’s house a house of merchandise. We are to treat God’s temple within us as the serious business at hand. God will destroy a temple made with hands, and will build another made without hands. His love will be the mortar for the bricks laid one at a time. His truth will support everything under our feet. His holiness will be the structure overhead, and it is our trust and faith in him that will make sure the roof does not leak. After the temple is built, the bride must make herself ready and sweep it clean as the day she was born.