The Godzette
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All About Jesus

From the first page of the bible to the last page of the bible and every single page in between, it’s all about Jesus. He is the Alpha and the Omega… the first and the last. He is the Word, manifested as Jesus Christ in the flesh to save man from the damnation of his sin. Jesus left his royalty in heaven to come to this earth in humility as a servant and be crucified for the atonement of all mankind.

Jesus came to teach us how to love and worship God and prepare us for the kingdom that is to come. He lived as an example and talked in parables for the ones that would believe enough to follow him. As his heart was pierced on the cross, so would ours be with the Holy Ghost. Jesus is our only redemption through the Father. Upon acceptance of Jesus comes all of heaven with it, and upon his second coming we also shall be glorified along with him. The denial of Christ will cast that soul into the eternal fires of hell to suffer torment and anguish over the rejection of God. The provision was made and free will was our gift to make that choice.

Jesus walked the earth and hand delivered the message of the good news to his twelve disciples. It is the same announcement of Christianity today to accept, believe and be saved in faith by God’s grace. Jesus came as a meek lamb to slaughter, but will return in the wrath of God as a lion. His death, burial, resurrection and ascension are the truth in which we live by faith and await his return for our salvation. Every breath we take and every moment we live is given freely by Jesus Christ. Our debt is to God for the blessing of Christ and the provision of life after death that was made in his name. It is all about Jesus and may God have mercy on our soul if we do not choose to accept him.