The Godzette
Volume 11, Second Edition Pricele$$
Potty Mouth

God gave us a mouth to honor and praise him at all times; he gave us a mouth to confess his name as our Lord and savior, laying claim to our salvation; he gave us a mouth to speak to our fellow brethren with love and admonition.

He did not give us the gift of speech to take his name in vain, nor did he give us a mouth to lie with or bear false witness against one another. When we curse each other we are cursing the precious gift that God has blessed us with in being able to converse and understand each other as well as God’s purpose for our life.

God spoke the world into existence by using his holy word. The words in the bible are of truth and were spoken to righteous men hand picked by God. Language is a form of communication to understand God and his intensions for our life.

When we use our mouths to speak vile and hurtful things to other human beings it is an abomination unto God, and against his intended use of what our speech was created for. If we speak from a condemning nature and do not apologize

for our misrepresentation of being a Christian, we have no love in us. We are to keep our tongues from evil and our lips from speaking guile.

A vile mouth is an open sewer that leads directly to the heart. It is a mirror of somebody’s soul for seeing who and what they really are. When Jesus was being crucified on the cross, he never spoke in opposition or had a harsh word for anyone including Satan. We waits in heaven at the right hand side of the Father giving intercessory prayer on our behalf. Jesus speaks with compassion to each and every one of our hearts through the Holy Ghost, sometimes beyond our listening. Our mouths are a gift from heaven to glorify God when speaking to the lost about saving their souls from damnation and rebuking the devil.