The Godzette
Volume 11, Sixth Edition Pricele$$
God's Message

God’s message to us is that he loves us with a capital L. You may ask why does he love an old sinner like me? Why should he even care and put up with our nonsense? What do we have to offer that keeps him interested in us all our lifetime? The answer to all these questions is that God is a loving God. He can’t do anything else but love us because that is his nature or character in being a holy and righteous God. He loves us so much that he gave his only begotten Son to be crucified for our salvation from sin. If he gave up on us that would mean that he didn’t love us and he crucified Jesus for nothing, and he would be a liar like all of us. He created our souls and it is his responsibility to inform us of his existence and what our options are. He gave us free will to make

the decision of acceptance or denial.

God brought forth his message in the Old Testament scripture through many Major Prophets and Minor Prophets telling of the prophesy to be fulfilled. In the New Testament he brought forth Jesus to fulfill those prophesies one hundred percent and give us instructions for entering his Kingdom to come. His commandments for a new way of life were given in great detail and asked to be followed. Man has chosen to be rebellious and hardhearted and decided to do it his way instead of God’s way ever since. Throughout the course of our life we all walk in the wilderness and at the end cry out for God’s help. If we will surrender to God’s will for our life and live in the peace and joy of God’s message, the door to the Kingdom of Heaven would be within knocking distance.

God’s message is the good news of salvation. There is life after death and Jesus was given to us for that reason, so that we would be strong in our faith and believe in God and that someday he will return for us. The trade off is to live a few years on this earth for the Lord and in return live forever in the eternity of God’s glory instead of going to hell. It is the best deal going by far.