The Godzette
Volume 11, Fourth Edition Pricele$$
Him that Overcometh

To him that overcometh the trials and tribulations of Satan will partake in the tree of life, which is Jesus. To him that overcometh the temptations and will not compromise will receive the crown of life and will not be hurt of the second death. To him that overcometh being tried in the fire will eat of the hidden manna and receive a white stone with a new name written on it. To him that overcometh and keep God’s works until the end, will be given powers over the nations. To him that overcometh will be clothed in white raiment and not be blotted out of the book of life, and his name will be confessed before God. To him that overcometh will be made a pillar in the temple of God and a new name will be written upon him. To him that overcometh will be granted to sit with Jesus on his

throne, just as he sits with God on his throne.

To rebuke the devil and his temptations throughout your Christian life will be rewarded in the presence of God. At every turn Satan will be there to try and defeat our purpose which God has intended for our life. He will challenge us with everything possible to get us to sin, including using the loved ones who are closest to us. We must weather the storms of life and wait for the sun to shine again. Clouds come and go, but we shall remain the same, standing firm in the word of God.

God wants us to be strong and resist the devil. He encourages us not to falter and seek him for our every need. God depends on us to stay committed to his work that has been performed in faith for his glory. He expects us to represent him at our best with the ability he has provided us. His promise is that he will finish the work he has begun if we will allow it to be so in our lives. We must always overcome anything that tries to separate us from God.