The Godzette
Volume 10, Fifth Edition Pricele$$

We are all homeless and homeward bound with no anchor to this earth. Someday man will ascend to the Father in heaven where mansions await us. The bible says that man has no place to lay his head while he lives in this world. Everything is temporal and disposable. Something or someone can be here today and gone tomorrow. We have witnessed this over several seasons of storms and natural disasters. God wants us to rely on him for our needs and not to be self-sufficient. The children of Israel were led into the desert for forty years and lived in tents. Jesus himself led his ministry on foot and roamed the countryside for three years without a roof over his head. Everything in this world is temporary and can be replaced with the exception of God’s love.

God knows our needs better than anyone else. We have gotten along this far in life and not by our own doing. God has provided the resources and miracles along the way for our survival. He wants us to trust and love him with all our mind, body, soul and spirit. At certain times we can feel his strength as he lifts our spirit to get us through the day. He spoke this world into existence and knows the count of every hair on our head. He makes sure the birds are fed each day; therefore we know our needs will be taken care of. We must have faith and belief that he has started a mighty work in each one of us, and the bible promises that it will be finished.

God gives us hope through his offer of salvation in accepting Jesus Christ as our savior. No matter what the trials and tribulations are of this life, we will see God’s glory at the end of it. We will enter into his eternal love and kingdom where tears will be shed no more, and our only desire will be to know him as our creator, the king of peace and joy. What a glorious day that will be, well worth waiting for.

If we are looking to change our life, we must change it by starting to love God and do his will. We must seek him and talk to him in prayer every day that he blesses us with the gift of life. We must ask him to take charge of our life and guide us as we do his will. We are old and worn out from the resistance and the struggle and our will must end. We need his holy power to uplift us and fill us to the brim, making us ready to accept him into our lives. There is nothing that God’s love can’t do… nothing! He can even change an old sinner like me, because God came into my house to live forever and all I had to do was open the door.