The Godzette
Volume 10, Seventh Edition Pricele$$
Here Am I

How many times has the Lord called you? Did you listen to the inner voice that called you by name and specifically told you to do something? Did a strong urging give you a sense to act upon a certain thing, yet you chose not to do it? All of these things and many more are of the Holy Ghost reaching out to prod us into doing something that we would have benefited from and been blessed had we done it. Yet, because of our defiance and stubbornness we chose to go in a different direction from the Lord.

If we would only listen to God, because he knows what is best for us; not allow our pride and arrogance to rule over us. Throughout our life God guides us and talks to us in so many things that we think nothing of it. He calls out to beckon us in unity with Christ, predestinating our souls to be in alignment with the conformity of compassion, forgiveness and loving our


Next time the Lord calls upon us, we must announce with fervency that we are ready, willing and able to serve him. He is looking for servant hood that will stand firm in the word without compromise and be loyal to our last breath in upholding his commandments. He is looking for righteousness and a pure heart of commitment in a world of corruption and deception. God is looking to cleanse our filthy garment so that we will walk in his light of purity and honor his holiness. He seeks someone from the remnant to fill the gulf divide between heaven and hell; to silence the screams of anguish and remove the tears of remorse so that the bitter taste of death may be conquered within all of us. He searches the hearts of the multitudes of the lost to find the one that will love him the way that he loves them unconditionally. God yearns to hear those three simple words of I love you and here am I.