The Godzette
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Why is Satan so Evil?

Satan is so evil because he knows no other way to be. His wicked thoughts are continuous and have corrupted his mind into thinking he is superior to God Almighty. He magnifies himself in thought and power to think of himself as being mightier than God to rule his kingdom. He has chosen to elevate himself beyond God’s loving reach and discipline. He has millions of angels under his authority; even to this day his pride and arrogance tell him that he can rule over all the heavens. Satan was turned over to a reprobate mind when God allowed him to challenge his leadership.

Anyone that is in direct violation to God’s Word and what the bible says is in serious danger of being cast into the fires of hell

and damnation for eternity. Satan thought himself to be above the laws of God, and so does anyone else who is in disobedience to what God’s commandments proclaim. They may roam the earth preying on the innocent for a short span of time, but inevitably the gates of hell will swing wide and their wickedness shall engulf them to be destroyed without a trace being left behind. They shall be crushed under the heel of Christ, and ground with his authority of never knowing the difference in righteousness.

Satan and his demons will be rebuked forever, never being acceptable unto God’s people; they will experience rejection throughout eternity and will never find a drop of remorse in their existence. God’s people are dedicated to destroy anything not of God; especially a cornerstone built with pride and arrogance and lay in a mortar bed of superiority.