The Godzette
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Are You a Murderer

The first murder that was committed was when Cain slew his brother Abel from jealousy. Cain was of the Devil and so were his actions. God said that his brother’s blood crieth from the ground.

Murder can be committed in many ways; one is by bearing false witness against someone’s character. This is an extreme form of gossip and malicious intent against another, without their knowledge or consent. We are judged by our deeds and can never be separated from them by any other means other than confession and repentance.

When we spill the blood of another, whether it is through character

assignation or pulling the trigger of a gun in a moment of rage, there is no difference in God’s judgment. You cannot hide from the crime, because eventually it seeks you out and atonement must occur. When we take the life of another, we commit a multiple crime. Due to the loss, it reflects on family members, friends and work associates for a lifetime. We are held accountable forever for this wickedness and repayment is mandatory.

The ultimate murder was committed when Christ was crucified on the cross and his blood was spilled for our sins. We all have a hand in that. Every time we are disobedient to God we are committing murder to his Word and commandments. Additionally, we kill our very own soul. He that sinneth is a murderer of his conscience and anything good that God has intended for that life. The blood that we spill saturates our reprobate mind to the extent of justifying our presence is worthy and just. Truth is the life source by which we live, anything short of that is a decaying existence and vapor.