The Godzette
Volume 6, Seventh Edition Pricele$$
Are You a Whoremonger?

In the very beginning from the creation of Adam and Eve, God’s purpose for man and woman was a union set in marriage. Eve was created as a helpmate for man, not as his whore. Their pleasure was to be found in each other and to live in harmony with their family.

Ater the temptation in the garden with the devil, Eve was told that her desire would be for her husband, and that she would be under his authority and guidance. Adam was reprimanded

to a life of toil for allowing Eve to dominate him and alter his position of tending the garden. From that moment forward it became evil for woman to rebel

and usurp authority over the man to try to control and manipulate his leadership.

The act of sexual intercourse has been abused and misrepresented from the beginning with Satan’s intervention. It has been a battle of one gender overpowering the other by use or lack of use of what God created to be used for loving him. This gift of pleasure in uniting our souls has become the most powerful weapon known to mankind, and used improperly for the destruction and devastation of the kingdom that God has built with love and care.

If you are living outside the sanctity of marriage and are engaged in fornication, you are considered a whoremonger. Your fate is to be ostracized from entering through the gates of heaven, and cast into the eternal lake of fire where Satan and his fallen angels will reside in torment and suffering. This is the very reason why Christ never engaged in sexual intercourse. He never had a woman, nor was he married. His marriage will come when the believers are united with him in God’s kingdom. He was kept pure to be the offering for our sin debt.

If you are a whoremonger, become celibate and sin no more. Wait for that special person that only God can bring to you. When it is time, he will bring them forward from the seed that has been created inside of you. Temptation will no longer control you, nor will anyone not under the authority of Christ. Heed the warning and don’t burn with lust, where ultimately you will burn also in the fires of hell.