The Godzette
Volume 7, Third Edition Pricele$$

The one thing that is always on our mind more so than God is money. It has become our first love, and it woos us in a courtship of attraction and enticement, making us green with envy. We even dream about it, and look to establish relationships with people who have it. We ask ourselves, What would I do if I had millions? That is why the Lotto is so successful in just about every state. Unfortunately, the world is focused around money, and only respects those who have it... and plenty of it.

Even the church itself is based on tithing to be operational. There is nothing evil about money itself; it is the love of money that can get in the way of everything. It is our link to freedom, or so we think and

we will do just about whatever it takes to have some including: lie, steal, cheat, divorce, murderer, anything that comes up including alienating ourselves from family, friends, and neighbors.

Everyone thinks if they had money the first thing they would do is quit their job. That is the last thing you should do, because working is where stability comes from. On a positive note money is the only form of a open line communication that we have with our teenage children, by them wanting to borrow some of it from us on occasion. Some will sell their soul for it, causing a division in the household. Families will fight over it and in some cases never speak to each other again because of it.

Judas sold out Jesus Christ for money. Women have been known to scheme and even kill for it. It is used as payment for the oldest profession in the world. How sad to sell your soul for some money.