The Godzette
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Gird Up Thy Loins

When Job was feeling sorry for himself and wanted to die because of all the persecution the devil had placed upon him, God told him, Gird up thy loins now like a man: I will demand of thee, and declare thou unto me. God spoke these very same words to other prophets as well, when he wanted them to stop bellyaching and take responsibility for being a man.

It is a man’s job to be a man and nothing disgusts God more than a man not taking control over his family, but instead allowing the woman to usurp authority. The fall of Adam and Eve in the garden is a perfect example, where Adam listened to Eve instead of God. A woman that runs her mouth to undermine her husband’s

authority in considered by God to be in rebellion and an abomination unto Him.

Women’s liberation is totally against God’s will and designed by the devil himself to erode at the foundations established in heaven. God appointed leadership of the male to rule over the woman and make the choices that she is not capable of making spiritually. Man’s strength lies in the Lord and can only be activated through the Holy Ghost. Man will not vacillate and recognizes the truth of the Lord to be primary in the advancement of the kingdom. He will not compromise the living Word and it shall stand without tarnish, glistening with newness upon acceptance.

If the manner of dress and a haircut for a woman suggests masculinity, it is considered evil. Male and female were created different physically and emotionally, but are merged together for completeness to fulfill God’s design of twain becoming one. Christ is the head over man and man is the head over woman. It is a marriage of the trinity in one. Anything that is counterproductive to that is of the devil and must be eradicated without failure. A woman not under the authority of Christ by controlling and manipulating all circumstances of life is in direct violation and reprobate to God’s intension for his creation. A man must assume the responsibility that was appointed unto him and gird up his loins of leadership to implement his authority in Christ.