The Godzette
Volume 12, Fifth Edition Pricele$$
Rules to Love By

Life is all about rules. It always has been and probably always will be. We have rules for our children, for their own safety so they don’t get hurt. Rules are laws that govern our lives for a guideline or framework to get us safely through to the big picture of being prepared for heaven. When these agreements are broken anything from a ticket being issued to a world war breaking out can be the result of it, and all is put in place in our library of learning from experience.

Adam and Eve were given rules to live by in the garden. They disobeyed and suffered the repercussions after as we all do. Satan likes to bend the rules as well as his followers to conform to their life style of sin. His rules are of defiance and

corruption to cause disharmony and ciaos in a world of serenity and contentment.

God gave us the Ten Commandments to help us enjoy life and live by certain standards, not to hurt us and make us miserable. They are a guide to steer us away from issues of trouble and torment. When we break any one of the commandments our life does not end, but it surely gets complicated and we enter into the wilderness of chastisement for a complete understanding.

There are specific rules to get to heaven, not just in general but detailed enough to give a nonconformist something to think about. It is an overall view of what God’s expectation is for our life in order to fit humanity within the parameters of his holiness and perfection through grace.

Most want to live life selfishly by their rules without sacrifice and squeeze a few of the commandments in to pacify God just in case he’s real. Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with a big eraser and once a mistake is made you live with it and hopefully learn from it. Rules are not made to be broken and nor were the Ten Commandments. When Moses threw the original tablets to the ground in his anger with his brethren and broke them, a second pair or chance was issued, symbolic of course with God being gracious and forgiving enough to give us all another chance. Let’s live by the rules and be an example to others in righteousness to honor and glorify God and feel worthy at the end that our life has had some meaning and value and to have served a purpose.