The Godzette
Volume 12, Sixth Edition Pricele$$
Sunday Best

What a wonderful thing God has created for us to enjoy… going to church on Sunday. My little granddaughter talks about it all week long and can’t wait for Sunday to come. Attired in her Sunday best with her little Precious Moments Bible in hand she is armed and ready to hear the Word of God. She is two years old and confesses her love for Jesus already. At two I was still messing in my pants and didn’t have a clue.

This generation has increased in knowledge of the Lord and recognizes the truth when they hear and see it. As parents and grandparents we must reflect and be an example of what we preach. There is no other way around it. We must not only show them how to fly, but how to soar as an eagle in the heights of God’s wonderful world of his Word.

We live in the quaint town of Fountain, Florida where there are no stop lights and a Volunteer Fire Department, where all social functions are held from square dances to voting booths. The town is so small that if you hang out your laundry to dry, everybody not only knows what color your boxer shorts are but the number of clothes pins you used. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It keeps you flying right and in check of walking in the light of Christ. We are all family and we care about each other. We support each other in times of trouble and have compassion when disaster strikes. The days are spent with joy and peace in our life and the love of Christ in our hearts to do the Father’s will.

First Baptist Church of Fountain is a very small church of less than a hundred, but has a twenty four foot cross out front boasting of our love for Jesus. Our preacher Dr. Larry Wade is one of the finest in the country. He preaches from the hip and tells it like it is, never diluting or sugar coating the Word of God. He is a scholar of the Word and teaches preachers at Gulf Coast College and Seminary. He has been to Israel over sixty-seven times in leading tours and enlightening people about where heaven on earth will be. We are blessed to have a true man of God feeding us the Word every Sunday and leading us in bible study on Sunday and Wednesday nights. After church we walk next door to the Country Folks Café and have a good home cooked meal while we fellowship with our neighbors and talk about how good God is. Sunday best is the blessing that God has given to all of us to enjoy: going to church with our family, friends and neighbors to praise and worship God in preparation for purifying our hearts for heaven.