The Godzette
Volume 12, Second Edition Pricele$$
A Christian Family

To have a Christian family is what God intended for man from the very start in the Garden of Eden. Spiritual happiness is the mainstay for contentment in this life. It is what every soul thrives for in his existence and search for God: an explanation or answer to what this life’s experience is all about.

A Christian lifestyle or way of being is living to represent God to the best of our ability in the flesh. Jesus was the perfect model or example of loving mankind beyond himself. We must strive for our every action and deed to resemble God’s love and forgiveness with each other. We must raise our children with principles and morals to give them Christian guidelines to follow and emulate. We must regularly attend church with them to instill a family tradition of togetherness. Children must

see and know the love of Christ first hand from their parents. Their minds and hearts are molded early on by their environment and experiences in life.

We must get on our knees in a family circle of holding hands and worship and give thanks to God for all the many blessings of our daily existence. We must acknowledge God’s presence in our lives not only through prayer but also in bible study to learn more about our maker. As a family we must learn of God’s grace and unwrap the gift that is given to us and learn to share it with others.

In our everyday lives we must express how much we love God and be willing to speak his name out loud. We must be proud of our heritage and never have denial of his presence in our lives. We must learn to appreciate our family member’s lives continuously throughout our lifetime and do nothing to harm or derail their momentum in Christ. We must support and nurture each other, knowing that someday we will all be with the Father in his loving arms in heaven. As a Christian family we can experience God’s glory right now on this earth, living the life that God gave us in his will and in the presence of the Lord.

As we stand before the throne of God in honor and praise, let our children also reverence us because of the Godly love and care we nurtured them with. Let God’s truth and guidance be a path leading all of us to heaven where we will stand as a Christian family in prayer and worship for the holiness and purity of God’s Spirit. Let our light shine forth as a Christian family to be a beacon of guidance in welcoming each soul to the invitation of becoming one in Christ. Let them see the joy and happiness of God within us and fulfill their desire and need to have peace and contentment in their life.