I was a construction coordinator in the film business for over twenty years. I had just returned from Mexico City where I had been working for eight months on a Jane Fonda picture called "Old Gringo." The art director Scott Rittenour had contacted me with another assignment to build an 18th century town out in the middle of an isolated cow pasture using one hundred local farmers. So in the dead of winter of 1993 I found myself on location with a Hollywood production crew in Nauvoo, Illinois for the making of a motion picture titled "Legacy." Jesus Christ was about to make a guest appearance in my life that would change me forever!

One cold winter morning I was headed out to the construction site driving my pickup truck. Traversing the countryside via the back roads to arrive at my destination, I happened upon a road that declined at a sharp descent and was iced over with many layers. It had rained and frozen into a glistening sheet the night before. I discovered this only after I was on it and headed downward for disaster. I pumped my brakes only to sway out of control at an ever-increasing speed. The road ahead veered to the left on a sharp curve. To the right was a ravine that descended one hundred and fifty feet. I thought something bad was about to happen!

I called upon God to help me. I took the turn to the left and my truck slid sideways to the right, headed on the icy road straight for the ravine. In two quick seconds my truck slid to an immediate halt and teetered at the edge. The engine stopped running. Restrained by my seatbelt, I found myself perched at a seventy-degree angle, dangling from death as I looked upon the ravine beckoning below. Did what just happen… happen?
I rolled down my window, unfastened my seatbelt and pulled myself out through the window frame. Jumping to safety, I walked around to the rear of the truck and couldn't believe my eyes!

One inch of my inside dual tire was sitting on top of three boulders which were stacked perfectly in balance one atop another. The outside tire was hanging in midair. All that remained between life and death was that fraction of rubber; keeping the truck suspended from rolling over and down the ravine into disaster, where I would be crushed inside.

t was in this moment that I knew God had supernaturally touched and spared my life. After looking around, I realized that there were not any other boulders to be found.

My truck was a crew cab dually and weighed several tons. It took a huge fire department truck as an anchor, a road plow, a tow truck with a boom and one hundred feet of cable, and a dozen men to bring my truck to safety without even a scratch. Everyone said they had never seen anything like it. Neither had I.

Thank you, Jesus!


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