The Godzette
Volume 8, Seventh Edition Pricele$$
Walking Dead

In the age of superstars, super preachers, and super department stores it is give me, give me, give me and I want, I want, I want. A need never enters into the equation, only the desire of having it all. So either give it to me, or I will take it because I deserve it. Never mind about earning something or caring about someone other than you. Everything is temporal and instant. Forget about love if it isn’t spelled with a dollar sign. We live in a world of wal-king dead. The emptiness and shallow existence of being spoiled, prideful, and arrogant prevails over contentment and satisfaction with God’s will for our life. How sad is the existence of being about self, which is the road to desolation and the next-door neighbor to an abomination. We are a breed of rotten

corpses decaying on the vine and not suitable for consumption. This open and blatant rebellion of disobedience is disgusting and destructive to our souls, and most certainly against God’s intension for our life. We are stingy with our feelings and lack the participation of involvement, severing the closeness and intimacy of a relationship with our selfishness. Do unto others, before they do unto us. In this state of reprobate mind, self-annihilation will soon become us and mummify our existence or chance of ever being a loving human being. Let us use our life to be an example to change the world. This is God’s only loving intent for his creation. Pray that our ego will runaway from home and never return again. Come forth from wal-king dead and live in the eternity of God’s kingdom through self-denial.