The Godzette
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Mary Christmas

Without the bloodline of Joseph being selected first as part of the genealogy from the tribe of Judah and the Davidic line Luke 3:23-38, prophecy would never have been fulfilled concerning Christ being born with purity. Just as significant as the virgin birth by Mary, Joseph was selected by the Angel of the Lord to fulfill his part in the holy marriage, whereby Christ would be born sinless for the atonement of the world. Joseph’s faith would be tested far more than Mary’s, for he had to believe what was told him because he knew that he had not touched his wife to be, yet she was impregnated by the Holy Spirit. The union of marriage had to take place or the child of God would be a bastard child, and prophecy would and could not be fulfilled. Joseph knew what

his contribution would be and his heart told him that this was the correct thing to do, regardless of the circumstances.

Mary knew ahead of time that she was not pregnant, and that she had never been with a man. The Angel of the Lord visited her and told her of the things to come. Soon she became pregnant by the Holy Ghost, and knew she had not been with a man. It was easy for her to believe because she was not only told prior to, but then lived it first hand.

Joseph believed beyond his doubts, because he knew that the child was not his. He believed it was God ordained by the vision he had experienced. His faith would remain intact and he would fulfill his wedding vows, due to the Angel of the Lord having talked to him. God hand picked Joseph for the task because he not only knew his heart, but his lineage was necessary to fulfill the prophecy. In essence, because of his faith and belief, Joseph gave to the world what we know today as the celebration of Christmas... the birth of Christ. Mary gave birth to Jesus and made it a Merry Christmas to all mankind forever. However, it took both of them in the union of marriage, twain shall become one, to complete God’s calling for a savior. It could be done no other way.

As believers we are grafted in for adoption by God, just as Jesus was adopted by Joseph.  The baby would have the blood type of the Father (Holy Ghost) and the mother (virgin Mary). This is why Jesus was sinless, and his blood was acceptable for the remission of sin. He became our salvation and the rite to enter into the Kingdom with the covenant that God established with his people.

Very little is mentioned in the bible about Joseph, but that is the reason why the least become mighty. His contribution of acceptance for the Lord’s will for his life has spoken with resounding favor to every Christian of humility and grace. Jesus was born in a manger with live stock as witnesses because Joseph’s ego lived among the humble and lest and his adopted son was to be introduced this way as well. Marry Christmas was a wedding planned by God to bring peace and joy to the world, and hope for all mankind. Jesus' first miracle was performed at the wedding of Cana, where he changed the water into wine...Which was symbolic of changing man's ways into God's ways.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 3:16