The Godzette
Volume 8, Fourth Edition Pricele$$
Don' Worry Be Happy

On many occasions, Jesus said, “Fear not, for it is I”. The angel of the Lord also exclaimed not to have fear at his presence. God never intended for us to fear him out of being distraught, but in reverence. This life was never given to us and created for us to live in fear. Fear or worry comes from the unknown or being uncertain about something.

If we are uncertain about our salvation, there is uneasiness in our lives about God before we bring him into our heart. The fear that we have for God should be out of respect, not from worry or fright that we might not be acceptable unto him.

He created us to be loved and made a

provision for our sin nature so that we would be grafted into his family. Our happiness comes from the assuredness of living with Him for eternity. His loving arms will encompass our souls and dry all our fears and tears. We were created for his enjoyment and pleasure. He loves us. He created this world which we live in, not to be in worry but in happiness. He is a loving God that sacrificed himself for our redemption. What more proof could we ever ask for? In return he asks that we have faith and belief in what he has promised. If we do, he asks that we also accept him into our hearts and follow him by the example he has given in commandments and guidelines for living our lives. If we follow his instructions we are assured of happiness and contentment, instead of worry and fear. If we accept his will for our lives and not our own, peace and joy will surround us in perfect harmony. If we model our lives with obedience and instill the structure of his Word, good will and blessings shall be the heavenly offering of our reward.

The invitation for not having another wasted moment is ours for the acceptance of his son Jesus Christ as our savior. Believe that he died, was buried and resurrected for our sins; and willingly accept him into our hearts as our Lord and savior of salvation for eternity. Remove that frown of worry from off your face and replace it with God’s gift of a smile. It will not only brighten your day, but everyone else’s around you. Be happy and don’t worry, because everything is going to be alright. You have made it this far, right? God has a plan for your life. The bible says that where a work is begun, it will be finished. God’s word does not come back empty, nor end with a broken promise. Don’t worry… be happy and celebrate the good news!