The Godzette
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God's Aquarium

We all live in God’s aquarium, being observed by the angels in heaven and by God almighty himself. What we do with our lives on earth is so vitally important to the kingdom at hand. There is more to life than just meandering about, eating and taking up space. We are to do more than just intermingle with our species and excrete when the occasion arises. Life is given to us daily to share our experiences with the loved ones that God has brought across our path. Most of the time it is not convenient nor welcomed because we are preoccupied with our own existence, far beyond including any strangers that God has introduced to us for compassion and forgiveness.

The great flood of Noah’s day was

introduced as a purging of humanity to purify the existence of mankind with a fresh start. The wall of water that God supernaturally imposed at

 the Red Sea was to separate the children of Israel from Pharaoh of Egypt employing a release from the sin of slavery to create a new beginning.

Water has played a significant role from man’s birth onto the sacrificial blood of salvation. Jesus became the water of life from which we thirst no more. His shed blood is our life source by which we live in eternity in God’s kingdom that is to come. Thus, Jesus turned the water into wine only after the clay pots were filled to the brim. This is symbolic of our transformation when we accept him into our soul. After his death on the cross, a soldier was commanded to pierce his side (heart) with a sword to prove his demise. After this procedure had taken place, water and blood came forth bringing proof that the separation of white and red blood cells had transpired and indeed his death had occurred.

As we swim in God’s aquarium let not his death be in avail, but let our transgressions be no more and transcend into his righteousness and honor the King of Kings in his glory.