The Godzette
Volume 4, Third Edition Pricele$$
Are You Satan's Child?

Do the principalities and powers of darkness have a death grip on your soul? Are your thoughts constantly about evil things? Do you seek out the worst in others? Do you condemn everything and everybody around you? Do you hate yourself? Are you addicted to pornography on the Internet? Are you rotten inside, but cover the stench of your soul with a smile? Do you despise anything that is good, and have a condemning nature about everything? Are your friends evil? Is your pride in competition with your arrogance? Do you enjoy watching the opposite sex lust after you, and then think of them as a fool for doing so? Do you get pleasure out of hurting others? Are you mean spirited? Do you find forgiveness difficult? Do you have a negative outlook on life? Do you tell lie after lie with no remorse, and not know the difference anymore? Are you

wicked? Do you dislike reading the bible? Do you plot and plan others demise? Are you jealous to the point that you would like to destroy someone for having a different opinion?

Do you play mind games and dominate every relationship you’re in? Are you a control freak out of control? Do you feel that you are superior to everyone that is around you? Do your words of criticism come from a blackened heart? Do you manipulate people and circumstances to get your way? Are you spoiled? Do you dislike being around your family for any duration of time? Do you dislike attending church? Do you intentionally deceive others and get them to be bad? Do you dislike thinking about God? Do you condemn your neighbor? Are you constantly angry about everything? Are you a murderer? Are you a liar? Are you a whoremonger? Do you like gossiping and bearing false witness against another? Do you whine, badger, condemn, nag, complain and persecute someone for reading the bible? Are you parading as an angel of light, but raging and devious inside? Have you been divorced numerous times and left a trail of devastation behind?

These are all fruits of being evil and Satan controlling your life. If you have answered yes to any of these questions, rebuke the devil and give your allegiance to Christ. Make your life count for something other than for fuel in the lake of fire.