The Godzette
Volume 4, Sixth Edition Pricele$$
Act of Kindness

In this world of storms and sorrows, a fresh breeze brings a small leaf of kindness fluttering in. It doesn’t cost a thing but a fractional moment of time to brighten someone’s day and give hope to where for an instant earlier there was none. It could be as simple as a smile, or possibly giving the hat off your head to another. Maybe it’s telling someone of your appreciation for his or her existence, and that in this moment there is nobody on the face of the earth that is more important.

This is a special time of creation by God to express your heart and feelings to another individual whom you may or may not ever see again. Just as important as meeting the President or being aboard a space craft headed for the moon, your single act of kindness sends out a shock wave to impact a life with goodness. It is a gesture that expects nothing in return: a pure gift of giving that expresses your

love for another human being.

Next time the opportunity arises take the leap of faith and stick a hand out there to tell someone of your appreciation for them. Give them a pat on the back and touch their heart with soft words and gentle caresses of admiration. After all, your life wouldn’t be quite the same without the interaction of someone that God has possibly put in front of you. Are you willing to risk missing the blessing that will be poured out before you? If the moment has truly been created by God, you will know it because of the timing and special qualities that it will bring to your life immediately.

Only God can create the miracle that he knows you need, because first you are invoking the gift of giving yourself with nothing expected in return. This is what Jesus did on the cross… the ultimate act of kindness on your behalf and mine. After having said that, is it really so difficult to share an unforgettable moment of kindness with someone perhaps you don’t know, but God does. Give the gift that God has created to be so special and unique… yourself, and along with it just one act of kindness with each day that is given to you.