The Godzette
Volume I, Fourth Edition Pricele$$
Are You Sensative Enough

Whenever you experience a true believer, there is always one thing that stands out more than anything else… their sensitivity to life and how everything around them brings an awareness to the less fortunate. They are no longer of this world and strive with all their soul to walk gently with compassion for their fellow human being.

Jesus Christ came to this earth and left his sovernity and royalty behind to bear our sins. His sensitivity as The Word remained intact. The very quality that is so admirable in a fellow Christian was magnified and present one thousand fold in Christ. The proof was in his actions and reaction to his surroundings and will to serve God. No matter what the obstacle,

Christ overcame the burden in silence and lived with purity and honesty, always glorifying God even with his last breath. As the flesh was being ripped from his back and his blood spewing from his battered body, not a peep left his lips.

He was sinless and being persecuted for all of humanity in a monumental moment of fulfilled prophecy without flaw or coincidence by design. He was chosen to make the delivery of himself for humanity with humility and meekness of the Holy Spirit. His existence was created for a specific purpose with no personal gain of self or ego, because none existed.

Think of the sensitivity of a cavity in a single tooth, and the excruciating pain attributed with it. Parallel that with twelve billion exposed nerve endings of Christ (each one representing a human’s soul from the beginning of time), awaiting the atonement of the sin debt. He took on all that sin for mankind in a single moment when he was crucified. Pray that we will be as blessed as our savior in being as sensitive. In the moment that Jesus is glorified upon his second coming, we will also experience this love of God in the most concentrated form beyond our imagination or experience. Let us be sensitive to his kingdom coming and what this life is all about.