The Godzette
Volume I, Second Edition Pricele$$
What is it Like in Heaven

If God made the rainbow full of color and he made the animal kingdom with endless color and he made our skins with different shades of color, there’s not much chance that heaven is going to be in black and white.

We will stand before the throne of God surrounded by billions of other believers all of different nationalities and origins united in Christ. There will not be one judgmental bone left in our bodies for we will be in the glory of God without condemnation of our fellow brethren. We will have a complete understanding of unconditional love and total forgiveness for anything and everything that has ever happened to us through our experiences while here on this earth. We will have

given up ourselves in trade for the love of Christ and God’s grace, surrendering completely to servant hood through worship and praise. Our only wants and desires will be to know God and love him.

Heaven will not be limited to nor bound by our imaginations, yet continuously explored with the endless borders of an abyss, reaching beyond the confines of multidimensional galaxies and solar systems to the third heaven of God’s domain. It will not be beyond our comprehension then, only now. Our minds will have a universal understanding of everything that is before us and we will know everyone’s heart and soul just as we know our own.

We will all take on the persona of Jesus and love with compassion and giving beyond the confines of any limited capacity. We will enjoy and explore relationships without boundaries and restrictions based solely in truth and honesty. We will glow with God’s countenance and raiment of love in our lives, glorifying and radiating his presence in our awareness and assemblage of one another. We will praise God in reverence of his magnificence and superiority, knowing of his creation and being thankful participants for eternity in love with the Lord.