The Godzette
Volume I, Third Edition Pricele$$
24 Hours 2 Live

What would you do if you found out that you only have one day left to live? How would you choose to spend the time remaining? Would you surround yourself with all your loved ones? Would you isolate yourself and selfishly dwell in self pity and question yourself with why me? Who would you blame? Would you make a list of all your regrets? Would you go on a shopping spree? Would you have a one-night stand? What indulgence would you seek? Would you be frightened and cry yourself to sleep? Would you kill yourself, or possibly another? Would you be sure of your salvation? Would you be at peace? Would you hug and kiss your children or spouse one last time? Would you pray for the first time in a long time?

Would you do something beyond what you think you are capable of? Would you finally take care of something that has

been in the back of your mind for a long time? It would be life changing. Would you make a list of everyone you have hurt and attempt to make things right. One by one, would you ask their forgiveness and dissolve the fear and pain of being accountable for their scarring? Would you put your conscious and theirs at rest forever for the path of devastation you left behind?

The truth is that God only gives us life one day at a time; actually one breath at a time. If we want to get right with the Lord, we should begin now and not put it off for twenty-four hours. Jesus walked softly and treaded lightly on humanity. He was on less than a twenty-four hour notice at Calvary and did not have to back-track a single moment before the time was upon him. We live because he chose not to for us. Why can’t we surrender our stubborn hearts and do God’s will for however many 24-hour days he gives us by our own offering of an apology to everyone we have hurt? Then we will really begin to live life without a clock ticking, free from all earthly entanglements and restrictions. Death has no claim on us. Thank you, Jesus.