In Love With The Lord

A Prayer for Wings of Tolerance

In the footprints of your love I now walk with a stride of giving, following the mark of timelessness in reach of our destiny. A course plotted forever to guide my heart to yours, and listening as the truth of faith unfolds with the realization of an angel’s touch – where no one ever has. It is deep within the well of my emotions that I seek you, never resting a single heart beat of perseverance until my insatiable soul finds the memory of our existence together and the love yet to be born within your bountiful realm. From the confinements of my ignorance I continue to search for the love of our creator’s promise. An achievement through struggle, heartache, and loneliness amassed from this life to draw back the shroud with a breeze of light to see beyond the horizon of life. It is here that we will find the wings of tolerance and soar through earth’s limitations in recognition of heaven’s incantation – the tug of a true soul mate.