In Love With The Lord

A Prayer for Supernatural Enablement

As weak humans, flawed and frail, we would have been altogether incapable of sustaining the indescribable events that have taken place without supernatural enablement. It is the limits that our faulty vessels could bear without breaking. For what reason all this has occurred, we have no way of knowing… except we must believe it is for the good of the kingdom. We must simply trust, and know that as a result of what has taken place, we have been strengthened. Inwardly, and in addition to the strengthening there seems to have occurred a carving out, a deepening of our capacity to experience both contrition and compassion. The Holy Spirit has seized us and brought us to our knees, tempered in fire, ground down and polished, just enough to carry out the change at long last. Our testimony, our offering, our answer… via souls, hearts and hands.