In Love With The Lord

A Prayer for Life Worth Living

As you have given to me, so shall I give to you… for you made an investment into my soul, and it will never go unrecognized nor ignored. I live with this richness in my heart every beat and every day. It is a gift from God and has developed into a beautiful feeling of never to be forgotten. I shall never leave you, and only with assuredness support your existence within my heart. It breaks my heart that you fear me, and I will do everything in my power to erase that from your memory. It is a love that we created together and shall save together. Christ is giving us the strength to lean on him and step into his footprints that will lead the way. We must prepare for the day to transcend our hearts as one, so that life's secrets will continue to envelop us and enrich our souls with the nourishment of eternity. Breathe and fill your lungs and soar with the angelic promise and hopes of our existence together. Let us open our eyes from this sleep and begin to live with the love of Christ in our hearts and in each other, for it is by his loving hand that we shall find salvation together and survive the tasks of time. We must return the love that he has so generously given to us and we have neglected to appreciate. Let us continue together always, only this time with the knowledge and experience of a lifetime dedicated to loving each other.
My soul cries out for you to shake this fog from your existence, face that which we must face together, and never let go. I continue to love you beyond conception and without judgment or remorse, knowing that its life's process for correction. It is by my hand that the Lord has chosen to speak these words of forgiveness, so that we may live the life worth living.