In Love With The Lord

A Prayer for Intercessions

The worst we have seen: our intercessions made for the soul's rest of tardy penitents, or for the best among the good, when love might have slept and sickened or died. Thanks to the angelic choir who as simple devotees keep watch and are not in sooth, their requiems sacred ties woven out of passion's sharpest agonies, subdued, composed, and formalized by art to heal the sorrow in our hearts. They pray for us the living to profit while we may and best unlock the secrets, our conscience the timid being's inmost light. Hope of the dawn and solace of the night, with love of God, we will see and aspire to more than earthly destinies. We must thank the silent monitor and seek repose when vain desire intrudes on peace and pray eternal union significant of God adored.