In Love With The Lord

A Prayer for the Fragrance of Christ

You are so precious to me, and I am so fortunate that you entered my life. Someday we will rise as one. Even though God has planted eternity in our hearts, we have a difficult time seeing the whole scope of God's work from beginning to end. We should be happy and enjoy each other. God is with us, and as far as he is concerned there is a sweet wholesome fragrance in our lives. I can feel it. It is the fragrance of Christ within us. The veil of misunderstanding is being removed by our believing in Christ. Let us be mirrors for each other that brightly reflect the glory of the Lord. May we become more and more like him. You have reached out to me and drawn me in. Thank you for opening your heart to me, and standing by me though others despise us and criticize and condemn us. Our hearts have ached, but we have enriched each other and given each other gifts. Let us turn away from everything that is wrong, and purify us. You are in my heart forever, and I live and die with you. You have been my strength, and you make me so happy in spite of all my suffering. Once again I have confidence in you. God in his grace has given us this love, and in turn we must love him. Let us begin to finish what we have started so enthusiastically. Let us take our gifts to those who need them. They will praise God, and we will grow in Christ together.